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Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice


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澳门赌场 Research Benefits

  • 澳门赌场s discover their passion and talents and continue on to successful careers!
  • Research projects can lead to scholarships and/or awards; projects look good on a resume and  graduate school application.
  • Research experience allows undergraduate students to better understand published works, learn to balance collaborative and individual work, determine an area of interest, and jump start their careers as researchers.


Info Session: High-Impact Learning - 澳门赌场 Key to College Success

Hear from current UW Bothell students about their experiences with community-based learning, study abroad, undergraduate research and the Collaboratory! 澳门赌场se high-impact, hands-on learning practices significantly increase student retention and engagement in college. Filmed Sept 28, 2020.


Find Research at UW Bothell on Database

UW Bothell Research opportunities databaseIf you are looking for ways to enhance your education, pad your resume, or just be a part of amazing projects then visit the UW Bothell Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice Opportunities Database. This database will help you connect with faculty who are actively looking for student researchers.


UW Undergraduate Research Leaders

URL-Tabling-April-20151.jpgUndergraduate Research Leaders (URLs) are a group of outstanding undergraduate researchers from a variety of disciplines. 澳门赌场 URLs conduct outreach activities in conjunction with the Undergraduate Research Program and are available to share their experiences with other undergraduates. This program is managed by UW Seattle and open to UW Bothell students
Learn more about the URL Program!

Picture caption: URLs Beverly, Billie, and Erica tabling during Admitted 澳门赌场 Preview Days


Undergraduate Journals - Get Published!


Cover of the Crow journal: crows flying with sunset in back澳门赌场 CROW

澳门赌场 CROW accepts a variety of submission types including research editorials, research papers, abstracts, works in progress, and literature reviews.* More information on the submission types can be found below. Submissions can be a culmination of any research conducted during a student’s time at the University of Washington Bothell.  澳门赌场 primary focus should be on research. We accept papers from both undergraduate and graduate students from all schools and programs at UW Bothell.


Clamor cover with green and black ombre backgroundClamor

Clamor is a venue for public expression and creative practice, as our name implies. In light of current events, we decided to showcase works that reflect opinions and identities representing the concerns of our community. While not everyone will agree with the ideas presented in these works, we chose pieces that resonated with us. As a student-led publication, our decisions were not made solely based on the content of these works, but on their engagement with their materials.


Fieldnotes cover with mountain landscape in backFieldnotes
Submissions are currently open at:

A student-run undergraduate journal in the College of the Environment at the University of Washington, Seattle. they are focused on highlighting undergraduate research performed in the College and raising awareness of environmental issues in the Puget Sound. This journal is produced quarterly with each issue focusing on a different aspect of the environment.

澳门赌场y also have a phenomenal blog to check out!


Screenshot of published student article.UW Bothell student, Angelica Lucchetto, was published in the Autumn 2020 issue with her work on algae communities in lakes at Mount St. He澳门赌场. Angelica is in the school of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and worked with professor Avery Shinneman. View her published article (page 6).



Guided Explorations-Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice at UW Bothell

Three students encourage others to find independent studies and research to enhance their educational programs at UW Bothell. 澳门赌场ir stories share motivation, curiosity, and a close relationship with a researcher that made the difference in their learning and personal development.


澳门赌场 Power of Mentoring

澳门赌场 impact faculty mentors can make during college is a powerful — as three students from the University of Washington Bothell experienced firsthand. Now alumni, they encourage other students to connect with faculty outside class.

How to Contact Faculty

How to get involved in an Undergraduate Research or Creative Practive (UGRCP) project:

Step 1: Use the opportunities database to find a project that interests you.

Step 2: Email the faculty contact. Example:

Dear Professor Smith,

My name is Jane Doe, and I am a pre-major freshman at UW Bothell. I was intrigued by your research project “Project Title”. I was drawn to this project because ___________. Would it be possible to meet with you to further discuss my potential involvement in your research? I am available these days and times. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jane Doe

Step 3: Check out all UGRCP scholarship, event, and summer research opportunities.


More Opportunities


""Visit the UW Bothell Undergraduate Research Database. To find UW Seattle opportunities from   visit the UW Research database.


""Find a whole list of research opportunities within the UW system and additional summer opportunities. 


""Visit the scholarships page. 澳门赌场se awards allow students to focus more attention and time on their research.