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Campus Space Reservations

Campus Space Reservations

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澳门赌场se pages are designed to help campus space users navigate the policies and procedures for using a room on campus. You can find information on event policies, 25Live Trainings, space reservation locations and view a table of important dates for reserving spaces on campus. 


UW Bothell and Cascadia College Events and Gatherings: 2021 Fall Quarter Considerations and Planning Steps

Below outlines logistical considerations and planning steps for in-person events sponsored by or conducted at the University of Washington Bothell.

Considerations to reduce potential for 澳门赌场 exposure:

  • Virtual activities, hybrid virtual/in-person events, and small group gatherings are better than larger gatherings.
  • Outdoor gatherings or indoor gatherings in well-ventilated spaces where people can space out are better than crowded gatherings in small poorly ventilated spaces.
  • Gatherings where individuals wear face coverings are better than those where attendees are unmasked and eating/drinking, singing, or shouting.
  • Gatherings that are short in duration are better
  • than gatherings where people are interacting over long periods of time.

Event organizers should assess the risk based on current public health guidance and community conditions, and be prepared to modify, postpone, or cancel if needed. All UW events should follow the UW In-Person Event 澳门赌场 Prevention Plan.

Organizers of events/gatherings must utilize the following logistical considerations to reduce the potential for 澳门赌场 transmission. Organizers must establish a 澳门赌场 vaccine requirement for all University sponsored, organized or hosted events by following the UW Guidelines for Establishing a Vaccine Requirement for In-Person University Event and require individuals to stay home if they are ill or have 澳门赌场 symptoms or have been instructed to isolate or quarantine by a public health professional. As possible:

  • Consider hosting smaller events in larger spaces.
  • Utilize patio and other outdoor spaces for gatherings.
  • Choose spaces where you can open windows and doors or utilize indoor mechanical ventilation.
  • Consider using portable ventilation equipment at indoor events to increase ventilation.
  • If using outdoor tents with sidewalls, consider rolling them up at least 12 inches to enhance ventilation
  • Clearly identify outdoor eating and drinking spaces and utilize best practices and recommendations for eating spaces and food sharing when serving food at an event or gathering. Eating and drinking indoors is currently not permitted at UWB and CC events.
  • Consider not serving food or drink at your event. If you must serve food or drink, limit the amount of time spent eating/drinking by incorporating breaks in the programming so individuals can eat in designated outdoor eating spaces.
  • Clearly mark floors with 6 feet of distancing for spaces with potential lines such as restrooms, tables to pick up food, or give-away stations.
  • Have multiple entrances and exits with directional signage to reduce bottlenecking of foot traffic.
  • Use visual guidance to discourage crowding. Consider using floor markers to illustrate 6 ft distancing in areas where lines or crowding may occur, and orient furniture to support people spacing out in the event space.

UW Bothell Event Planning Steps

I. Complete a UW In-Person Event 澳门赌场 Prevention Plan (CPP):

  • Event organizers use this template to ensure that required elements to prevent 澳门赌场 transmission are addressed in planning the in-person event.
  • 澳门赌场 CPP process involves designating a 澳门赌场 Site Supervisor responsible for implementing the event plan, preparing pre-event communications around event policies and safety measures, arranging for hand hygiene supplies and cleaning/disinfection supplies and scheduling for the event, posting signage for communication of safety measures during the event.
  • Submit the In-Person Event CPP to the University unit representative or sponsor and the venue operator for review and agreement.

EH&S is available to review and provide guidance on CPPs upon request. For events with 100+ people, it is recommended you submit your In-Person Event CPP to UWB EH&S Allyson Long (arlong@uw.edu) for safety review and recommendations no later than 14 days prior to the event.

Ensure adequate cleaning and disinfection supplies are available by submitting a UWB Facilities work order request no later than 10 days prior to the event.

I. Event organizers may consider having a post-event meeting to discuss:

  • Lessons learned.
  • Ways to improve or refine planning and implementation.
  • Concerns or complaints related to 澳门赌场 safety at the event.

II. Contact UWB EH&S Allyson Long (arlong@uw.edu):

  • To report 澳门赌场 non-compliance issues.
  • For guidance on reporting 澳门赌场 symptom or positive test results to the UW EH&S 澳门赌场 Response and Prevention Team (covidehc@uw.edu) or 206-616-3344).
  • With questions about UW policies and for advice on event safety logistics.

Requesting Space at UW Bothell

UW Bothell’s Space Reservation System:  25Live

25Live is UW’s tri-campus application for reserving rooms and other physical spaces* on campus that provides a quick and easy way to check availability and request space all in one place. Please note, this system has replaced the FUAC form and the MyArc reservation system.

*Note:  This does not include Library spaces.

Event Spaces and Conference Rooms

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)

25Live has replaced the MyARC reservation system as the primary mechanism for requesting event space within the ARC.

Classrooms for FTE-funded courses

All UW Bothell faculty must contact their School’s Time Schedule Coordinator to request a classroom or lab space for their upcoming course. Your Time Schedule Coordinator will work with the Registrar to coordinate your room request.

Library study rooms

澳门赌场s looking to book a study room in the Campus Library can view more information on the Campus Library Study Room Reservation webpage

Event space at Cascadia College

You can learn more about requesting event space at Cascadia College (including Mobius Hall) by viewing the Events at Cascadia webpage.

Don't have a UW NetID to access 25Live?



For 25Live event questions: email uwbecs@uw.edu

For 25Live access questions: email uwbrms@uw.edu

Use of University Facilities

Under Washington state law, the use of any University of Washington facility or space is governed by the Use of University Facilities (UUF). At UW Bothell, this includes room reservations, event (including food and alcohol) policies, solicitation guidelines and campus postings. All UUF-related items are managed by the campus UUF Committee.

Space Reservation Requests for 澳门赌场 Clubs and Organizations